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Attorneys providing real estate legal services to clients that reside in Greater Pittsburgh, Beaver Valley, and the surrounding Counties

When a legal issue involves the review of a commercial or residential lease, lease negotiation, the sale or purchase of real estate, a boundary dispute, condominium association issues, or zoning and subdivision our Attorneys have decades of experience handling these issues and other Real Estate matters to achieve resolutions that are efficient and cost effective.

If a legal matter involves real estate and requires legal action and Court involvement, we are experienced litigation and trial Attorneys. Our Attorneys approach every legal matter with an effort to negotiate a resolution that is appropriate for our Clients, and are prepared to initiate or defend lawsuits and Court proceedings involving Real Estate when needed.

Our real estate experience includes representing business owners and restaurant owners in the negotiation of commercial leases, and the various legal issues that arise as owners or tenants. Our Attorneys represent Condominium Associations in legal matters pertaining to the governance of the Condominium Association, Condominium Fees and Assessments, and other legal issues under the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act related to the operation and management of Condominiums. When legal issues are encountered during the sale or purchase of a residence or commercial building, we are available to address them.

Whatever the Real Estate legal issue, our Real Estate Lawyers provide legal advice and guidance that is both well informed and practical. We work to solve legal conflicts, not create them.

Specific Real Estate legal services we offer:

  • Negotiation of Commercial Leases

  • Negotiation of Residential Leases

  • Drafting Commercial and Residential Leases

  • Contracts for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate

  • Condominium Association Legal Issues

  • Land-Use issues

  • Boundary Disputes Between Neighbors

  • Issues Involving a Right-of-Way or Easement

  • Transfer of Ownership to a Trust

  • Gifting of Real Estate

  • Real Estate Zoning

  • Subdivision of Real Estate

Making an appointment about a Real Estate issue.

Since 1993 West & Zuberbuhler P.C.’s attorneys have provided a free initial consultation to all individuals and businesses confronted with legal issues involving Real Estate. At the initial meeting we discuss the relevant facts and legal issues. We then determine the anticipated scope of legal work. It is our primary goal when determining legal fees for any work we perform that it be both fair and reasonable and it is our experience in discussing fees with new clients that they are pleased with the fairness of our legal fees in comparison to those quoted by other attorneys and law firms. 


 We invite you to contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment to meet our Attorneys.


The Attorneys at West & Zuberbuhler, P.C. provide Real Estate legal services to clients who reside throughout Greater Pittsburgh and its surrounding Counties and in the Beaver Valley. As a result of our convenient office locations we represent clients and their families who reside in Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Sewickley Heights, Franklin Park, Wexford, Cranberry Township, and throughout the I-79 and Route 376 corridors from Washington to Mercer, and Pittsburgh to New Wilmington.

Zip codes Served: 16066, 15042, 15005, 16046, 15143, 15090, 15101, 15044, 16059, 15050,15066, 16063, 16033, 16059, 15237, 15229

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