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Attorneys with decades of experience litigating cases and representing clients in court hearings and trials.

The failure to resolve claims and disputes leads Clients to retain us to resolve them. While our primary goal is always negotiation and settlement, some matters require Litigation, Hearings, and Trials. Some legal matters involve business and commercial disputes. Others include claims and disputes over real estate, property boundaries, contract disputes, disputes among family members in an Estate Administration, or Divorce and Custody. Whatever the legal issues, Litigation, a Hearing, or a Court Trial requires attorneys whose intellectual abilities and experience in the Courtroom enable Clients to realize efficient, cost effective solutions, regardless of the complexity of the matter.

Whether your legal matter involves:

  • Disputes and Disagreement over Ownership or Management of a Business

  • Disagreement or Dissatisfaction with a contract for services or sale of products

  • Claims Resulting from a Construction Project

  • Real Estate Boundary Dispute or Nuisance Caused by a Neighbor

  • Disputes Among Family Members in an Estate or Trust Administration

  • Divorce or Custody

West & Zuberbuhler P.C.’s attorneys have decades of experience litigating and resolving a variety of claims and disputes through Hearings & Trials.

Our Approach to Litigation and Lawsuits.

Our litigation services are recognized for their sensitivity to the needs of our clients and the costs associated with legal services. We provide thorough, aggressive representation when needed. Most importantly, we keep clients well informed of developments and strategies at every stage of litigation, and we are known for our extensive preparation and effective hearing and trial work.


In most legal matters involving a dispute, our initial efforts focus on resolution through a negotiated settlement agreement. When mediation, arbitration, or negotiation fails, we aggressively litigate claims and participate in hearings and try cases. Our litigation work includes the coordination of discovery, depositions, and the protection and production of documents and other evidence.  We provide regular updates at every phase of your case. Our attorneys can be contacted and are available throughout their representation in all legal matters. We are honest and direct when asked to provide an assessment of the case at each stage of the litigation. And our legal services are performed only after thorough discussions regarding our Client’s options and appropriate strategies, and our Clients are fully informed as to the costs of all phases of our representation. While consultation and advice with our Attorneys can lead Clients to avoid or resolve legal disputes without Court involvement, we are prepared to file suit or defend cases filed against our clients with thorough, well prepared representation at all phases of a case.

Appointments to Discuss a Lawsuit or Dispute.

Since 1993, West & Zuberbuhler P.C.’s attorneys have provided a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to all individuals and businesses confronted with legal issues involving Hearings, Trials & Litigation. At the initial meeting we discuss the relevant facts and legal issues. We then determine the anticipated scope of legal work.It is our primary goal when determining legal fees for any work we perform that it be both fair and reasonable and it is our experience in discussing fees with new clients that they are pleased with the fairness of our legal fees in comparison to those quoted by other attorneys and law firms.


We invite you to contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment to meet our Attorneys.


The Attorneys at West & Zuberbuhler, P.C. provide legal services to clients who reside throughout Greater Pittsburgh and its surrounding Counties and in the Beaver Valley. As a result of our convenient office locations we represent clients and their families who reside in Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Sewickley Heights, Franklin Park, Wexford, Cranberry Township, and throughout the I-79 and Route 376 corridors from Washington to Mercer, and Pittsburgh to New Wilmington.

Zip codes Served: 16066, 15042, 15005, 16046, 15143, 15090, 15101, 15044, 16059, 15050,15066, 16063, 16033, 16059, 15237, 15229

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