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Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Committed to Efficient and Cost Effective Representation.

The reasons for Separation and Divorce are many. Most of them are emotionally and personally difficult. Unlike other Attorneys, our law firm does not seek Clients through attention to conflicts in Separation and Divorce. Instead, we approach Divorce and Custody legal work with the understanding that it is not a game or contest where someone wins, and someone loses. We seek Clients who understand that every Divorce or Custody case has a result that is just, and appropriate under the circumstances. Our Attorneys believe that Divorce should not be the process to act out resentment and anger. It should be a means to move on with a new beginning, even in the most difficult Divorce and Custody Cases. It is the job of our Attorneys to provide the legal advice to get there, with results that are appropriate.

With over 60 years of combined experience representing women and men in Divorce and Custody cases, our Attorneys are committed to helping Clients SOLVE issues in Divorce, not worsen them.

Our goal in every Divorce or Custody case is the efficient and cost effective resolution of the issues with the least amount of legal work. We believe every case has an appropriate outcome. An outcome that is in the best interests of our Client and their Children. It is our objective to achieve that result in every case.

Our Attorneys Represent Clients in Divorce & Custody Legal Matters Including:

  • Filing for Divorce

  • Representation in a Divorce Case filed by your Spouse

  • Deciding to Leave or Stay in your Residence at Separation.

  • Alimony and Spousal Support Claims

  • Negotiating and Drafting Marriage Settlement Agreements

  • Division and Distribution of Property

  • Custody or Visitation of your Children

  • Filing or Responding to Child Support Claims

  • Hearings, Trial or Settlement of your Divorce or Custody Case

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Since 1993, our West & Zuberbuhler P.C.’s attorneys have a provided effective and, when necessary, aggressive legal services to men and women confronted with Separation, Divorce and Child Custody issues. Our Attorneys represent their Clients with integrity and sensitivity to their legal goals and financial situations. We work with our Clients to formulate strategies that are appropriate and cost effective. Strategies designed to solve issues and resolve cases, to end conflict, not create or worsen it. For resolution of the legal matters that your Divorce or Custody case requires, you can trust our experience, personal service, and commitment to our Clients.

Legal Fees:

Our attorneys want our clients to be satisfied with both the quality of our legal services and the reasonableness of the fees we charge for those services. The majority of our Divorce and Custody legal work is done at hourly rates for Attorney time. Our hourly rate is explained and agreed upon at our initial free consultation. In most cases, we require Clients to provide a Retainer that is deposited in our client Trust Account for payment of fees during our engagement. The amount of this Retainer varies depending upon the scope of work we anticipate. When advising Clients about our legal fees, we make it clear that the total cost of a Divorce or Custody case depends upon the legal issues confronted and the ability to resolve them through negotiation vs. Hearings and Trial. Our goal is efficient resolution through negotiation that avoids costly hearings and trials. Work that involves Motions, Court Hearings, and Trials greatly increases the cost of Divorce and Custody cases.

Our initial consultation is Free. You can contact us at your convenience to schedule an in-person or virtual initial consultation to discuss your Divorce or Custody issues to see how we may help.


West & Zuberbuhler P.C.’s attorneys represent Clients confronted with Divorce and Custody in the Courts of Beaver County who reside throughout the Beaver Valley in Beaver, Chippewa, Beaver Falls, New Brighton, Rochester, Monaca, Freedom, Economy Borough, Ambridge, Baden, Center, Aliquippa, and Hopewell.  As a result of our convenient office locations we also represent clients who reside in Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Sewickley Heights, Franklin Park, Wexford, Cranberry Township, and throughout the I-79 and Route 376 corridors from Washington to Mercer, and Pittsburgh to New Wilmington.

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